NC-series (ROM-less with Crypto processor)

NC series is specially designed for applications require very high security and safety protection. Its built-in crypto process can be used to implment various of public key encryptions such as RSA. Memory Management Unit (MMU) with firewall techology and new security features allow multiple applications can be implemented on the same chip without compromise of security.

No mask ROM is required such that the card operating system (COS) can be loaded into the chip just before it is issued to the field.

Key features of NC-series are highlighted below:

  • Built-in 2048 bit Crypto Co-processor
  • Flexible – NVM can be partition into program or data by user with overwrite protection
  • Short cycle time – no ROM mask is needed
  • High speed operation to shorter the personalization time
  • Memory Management Unit with firewall – support supervisor mode and user mode for multiple application environment
  • Security features to minimize the risks of unauthorized access to data inside the card

CPU core8052 high speed CPU
NVM (Bytes)480K
RAM (Bytes)256+8K
Crypto3DES, AES, 2048-bit RSA, ECC
Special features* 40MHz internal oscillator
* External clock up to 12MHz
* Flash can be partitioned by user into data and code area
* 10-year data retention
* Write/Erase cycle at least 100K cycles
* MMU with firewall feature
* True random number generator
* 2048-bit Crypto co-processor
* High speed SCI with T=0 error detection
* 1.8V to 5V +/- 10% operation
* Very high security protection features