SIM Cards

The A-series adopted a newly developed non-volatile-memory (NVM) technology which can greatly improve the write/erase performance while keeping the resulted product at the competitive edge. No mask ROM is required such that the card operating system (COS) can be loaded into the chip just before it is issued to the field. Memory Management Unit (MMU) with firewall technology and new security features allow multiple applications can be implemented on the same chip without compromise of security.

As a successor of A-series, most of the advantages of A-series can be found in this newly developed smart card chip family.As the requirement of non-volatile-memory is increasing, advanced embedded FLASH technology is used in B-series to optimize the cost to memory size ratio. The write and erase time is also greatly improved compare with A-series products.

D-series is a highly cost effective smart card chip series. It adopted the latest embedded Flash technology and targeting for the very cost sensitive applications such as SIM card.