RNA-Series (Pure Contactless, ROM-less)

Logic memory type RFID chip is still dominanted the contactless market.However, it is going to be eroded by CPU type contactless smart card chip because of the requirement of higher security features.

RNA Series provide a better security and cost effective solution that can meet most of the market requirement.It features a low power 8-bit CPU and RF front end compiles to ISO14443 Type A/B standard. The COS can be downloaded into the on-board Flash memory at the last step in production line.

The built-in memory management unit (MMU)plus firewall feature enable multiple application on a single card.It ensure the data of each application is well managed and retained.

Key features of RNA-series are highlighted below:

  • Convinent – built-in RF interface up to 424kbps
  • Flexible – NVM can be partition into program or data by user with overwrite protection
  • Short cycle time – no ROM mask is needed
  • Secure – built-in Triple DES engine
  • Memory Management Unit with firewall – support supervisor mode and user mode for multiple application environment
  • Security features to minimize the risks of unauthorized access to data inside the card

CPU core8052 high speed CPU
NVM (Bytes)64K
RAM (Bytes)1.5K
RF InterfaceISO 14443 Type A and Type B
Special features* 20MHz bus frequency
* NVM can be partitioned by user into data and code area
* Built-in ISO 13239 CRC hardware
* MMU with firewall
* True random generator
* RF data rate up to 424Kbps
* Unique chip ID
* Security protection features