RNC-Series (Dual Interface, ROM-less, Crypto-Engine)

The security requirement for banking application is much higher then before. The usage of public key encryption such as dynamic data authentication (DDA) is more popular. While increasing the security level, card holders are expecting a more convenient and fast payment method, dual interface cards can meet their need.

RNC-series consists both contact (ISO 7816) and contactless (ISO 14443) interface in a single chip. It supports both type A and type B RF protocols and provides more flexibility in the build-up infrastructure. RNC-series is targeting for high security applications such as Banking, Identity Card, E-commerce, transportation and Document Digital Signature. The built-in crypto co-processor can speed up cryptographic calculation with up to 2048 bits modulo exponentiation (AB mod N) and other similar calculations such as Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). It supports up to 512-bit GF(p)/GF(2n) ECC calculation.

Key features of RNC-series are highlighted below:

  • Convenient – support both contact and contactless interface
  • Flexible – NVM can be partitioned by user for code and data storage
  • Secure – built-in 2048-bit RSA and triple DES crypto co-processor
  • Memory Management Unit with firewall – support supervisor mode and user mode for multiple application environment
  • Security features to minimize the risks of unauthorized access to data inside the card

CPU core32-bit high speed CPU
NVM (Bytes)300K
RAM (Bytes)12K
Crypto3DES, 2048-bit RSA/ECC GF(p) and GF(2n) support
RF InterfaceISO 14443 Type A and Type B
Contact InterfaceISO 7816
Special features* 40MHz bus speed
* Built-in 13239 CRC hardware
* SCI data rate > 1Mbps
* Built-in MMU with firewall
* True RNG
* Unique chip ID
* Operating voltage 1.8V to 5V +/- 10%
* Security protection features