SweepGo is a member of the Microtech Dual Interface Smart Card product
family specifically designed for contact and contactless smart card applications which requires more flexibility to interface with different built-up infrastructures. It complies with ISO7816 and ISO14443 Type A and B standards. The RF front-end can support data rate up to 106Kbps.

SweepGo is targeting for security applications such as electronic purse, automatic fare collection, multi-function ID card and security access.

Key Features of SweepGo:

  • Non-volatile Memory
    • 16K-bytes or 64KB high speed user data NVM
    • Over 10 years data retention
    • Over 100K write/erase cycles
  • File System
    • Flexible and user configurable file system
    • Supports up to 256 files in multiple directory level
    • Support four different file types
    • Supports up to 255 records for each record structure file
  • Contacltess
    • Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz
    • Support ISO14443 Type A and B
    • Support 106 in both Type A and B mode
    • Contact / contactless auto-detect
  • Security
    • Full hardware triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) module can support single DES and triple DES operation
    • 11-Byte unique serial number for each chip
    • Support both internal and external authentication
    • Support secure messaging with MAC
    • File access is controlled using triple DES key authentication and PIN verification

Ordering Part
RF ProtocolMax. number
of files
File area size
Max. record
size (byte)
without MAC
Max. record
size (byte) with
uT00035ISO 14443 A25616256255240
uT00036ISO 14443 B25616256255240
uT00051ISO 14443 A25662848255240